Running Simcity 2000

Get Simcity 2000 from an abandonware site and run it on DosBox.

Reproducing Grenoble's mountains

To produce the map, I got the height information from the SRTM database. I converted it to a 256-level graylevel image with a script and processed it with GIMP to make it smoother. I found the .sc2 file format specification somewhere on the web and wrote a script to convert a 128x128 32-level graylevel image to a clean Simcity 2000 terrain.

Then I just started a Simcity game and built the city (without cheating to get more money). To make the image, I navigated through the map, taking many snapshots, and I merged the snapshots into a single image with GIMP (this was very labour-intensive, next time I'll find a way to automate that part).


This is a model of Grenoble in Simcity 2000.

This is an image of the city (warning: big image!)