1-day numpy training


Please install following software on your laptop: Below are instructions that worked for me on the major OSes. The training will also use other packages and modules but these are the main ones.


On linux, use the package manager to install the required tools.

On Fedora:

yum install gcc python-devel numpy python-matplotlib swig

On Debian and Ubuntu

apt-get install gcc python-dev python-numpy swig python-matplotlib

This is the easiest platform.


If you have some package manager installed (fink or port), see the installation instructions for Linux.

Otherwise, use the Apple provided tools. Install the developer tools from the installation disk or https://developer.apple.com/xcode/downloads/. Python, numpy and the corresponding developer headers, and of course the C compiler come with the developer package.

There are several all-inclusive packages with numpy, scipy, matplotlib etc. You can install Anaconda, which works fine.


You can get a C compiler in Visual Studio Express.

Then install the Anaconda package.

Please use an editor that understands unix newlines (ie. not the notepad).

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